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All photos shown on our website are of jobs Creative Concrete Solutions has completed. All photos used on this website are copyrighted and the exclusive property of Creative Concrete Solutions. Photos may not be copied, downloaded, screen captured or used in any manner without permission from Creative Concrete Solutions

Concrete Overlay

Concrete Overlay

Create a custom concrete surface that is durable, versatile, and beautiful with our overlay technique. This affordable application is ideal for both interior and exterior applications because it eliminates existing damage and stains.

We will give your concrete a unique and custom look that will last for years. After we are done, your concrete surface will also be more durable and easier to clean and maintain. A concrete overlay is perfect for:

Pool Decks • Sidewalks • Patios • Porches • Basements • Laundry/Mud Rooms • Indoor Spaces

Color Flake System

Transform your stained or plain garage floor with our Color Flake System. This luxurious alternative will beautify your plain concrete and turn your garage into a showcase. You'll want it to become an extension of your living space.

For maximum adhesion in the Color Flake System, we diamond grind our floors. Our system has been developed over years to provide a quality coating with a professional appearance that cannot be compared with the do-it-yourself variety.

Additionally, the Color Flake System makes your garage floor durable, easy to clean, and long-lasting. This option also restores concrete floors in basements and warehouses.

Garage Floors • Basements • Warehouses • Commercial Buildings

Color Flake Options →
Color Flake System

Acid Stain

By creating a multi-hued coloring effect with Acid Stain, you can enhance your old or new concrete surface. This process has become more popular with homeowners, business owners, and architects because it adds a new decorative dimension to traditional flooring.

Advantages Acid Stain Floors:

• Ability to Use Existing Concrete
• Endless Design & Color Combinations

• Lower Cost
• Less Maintenance

• Environmentally Friendly
• Uniqueness of Each Job

Acid Staining


Our professional concrete polishing system gives you a beautiful polished floor that is perfect for residential and commercial buildings.  We use the latest in polishing technology to achieve a beautiful, functional and economical concrete floor that will look great for years to come

Benefits of Polished Concrete:
  • Dense surface provides a hard and durable floor finish.

  • Resists tire marks.

  • Increase impact resistance of bare concrete.

  • Create a beautiful look with light reflection.

  • Add coloring for a more custom look.

  • Polish existing or new concrete floors.

  • Minimal maintenance and long life cycle

Concrete Counter Tops

Custom concrete counter tops give a one of a kind look for your kitchen counters, bathroom vanities, tabletops and even outdoor kitchens.

Our custom counter tops can be made to replicate nearly any type of stone or granite. All materials used meet LEED Platinum standards. They also meet all health code standards for food prep areas due to impervious top coats used, so you don't have to worry about bacteria getting embedded in the counter tops like what happens with real stone. They are an excellent value for a custom, one of a kind look. Can be used in commercial projects as well.

Kitchen & Bar Counters • Bathroom Vanities • Outdoor Kitchens • Commercial Applications

Counter tops

Additional Solutions

  • Add a custom logo or graphics to your decorative flooring

  • Color enhance and seal existing stamped concrete

  • Paver cleaning and sealing

  • Refurbish existing decorative concrete

  • Factory Striping – Industrial Compliant

Additional Solutios
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